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These options are available for those who would like to give an offering:

 1. GIVT
 ICF offers cashless (digital) offertory
 Download the GIVT-App on your mobile phone or scan the QR-code below.
 Gifts with GIVT are ANONYMOUS
 Gifts done by GIVT App are tax-deductible by the Dutch taxpayers.
 It only works with Dutch bank accounts.
 When using the app for the first time, you have to give authorization to your (Dutch) bank account.
 Choose ICF-Enschede from the list option to send your gift.

2. Bank account Details/ Donations
Bank account nr. NL20 RABO 0175 8733 05​
Stichting International Christian Fellowship-Enschede


  1. ANBI general

    • ​ICF-Enschede is an "Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling", ANBI. This means ICF-Enschede has an ANBI status at the taxation office and is audited on this. One benefit related to the ANBI status is that donations are tax-deductible for those who pay Dutch (corporate) income tax.​​

  2. Policy Document ICF (in dutch)

  3. Financial overviews per year


For some years now we have been supporting charity organizations by setting apart the offerings of every second Sunday of the month. Some of the destinations that we supported include:

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