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Every (international) student will know times of uncertainty, excitement, disappointment and other mixed or uneasy feelings. It is good to share and talk about your experiences. In addition to this, the Covid pandemic and the related isolation had a severe impact on the wellbeing of international students in particular. At ICF we have seen for many years that international students are fantastic in helping each other out, because all share the same conditions to a large extent.

However, sometimes it can be better to talk with a person that is not directly involved with your day-to-day worries, a pastor or senior brother/sister with more life experience and a living relationship with our Lord. We have asked several persons with a long relationship to ICF-Enschede to be available. They introduce themselves briefly, and you are free to approach any one of them, or address your question to a general e-mail account. All requests will be treated in confidence, none of your information will be shared without your consent.

In case you would like to approach any one of the following counsellors, click on their picture and you can find their contact details below the short introduction. In case you want to send a general inquiry you can use:

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