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Bible Study


The Bible Study is an English spoken Bible study group open for anyone who wants to know Jesus Christ more. We are an interdenominational group, from all branches and traditions of Christianity. Most of us are students at the University of Twente or the Saxion Hogeschool in Enschede, the Netherlands, but others are also welcome to join.

What do we do?

We usually gather and somebody prepares some luscious international food. After dinner, we sing together to praise and worship God’s name after which we do a study of the bible. During the discussion, we enlighten each other about the bible and relate it to various aspects of daily life. We conclude the bible study with a time of prayer in small groups.


“I hope more people that seek the Lord join bible study and be blessed by the presence and praying from our friends that in a cooking system allows to enjoy food from styles all over the world.” (Julian, Colombia)


Most of our members are Christians but non-believers interested in exploring the Christian faith are also very much welcome. We hope to see you around, and if you like, feel free to also use your talents in this group.


“The bible study is: ..something that I always miss most about Enschede a home for me, a nomadic person, a global ‘kitchen’ with local touches.” (Merlyn, Indonesia)

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